Come to a 6-day residential workshop to help you to discover how to flourish in midlife and beyond. Consciously curate the remainder of your life.

Flourish in Midlife and Beyond

Join Tom Verghese and Gabriela Domicelj, experienced facilitators and true modern elders, to learn how to facilitate your own ‘great midlife edit’ and be inspired to find your true purpose.

Workshop inclusions:

5 nights of accommodation at Dantosa Blue Mountains Retreat

delicious meals and snacks, prepared by our favourite chef Sid Stolk from Lushious

unlimited beverages including wine, beer and cocktails

a night out at Dinner @ the Farm, with neighbours and award-winning Swiss chefs, Monique and Roland Kummer

products from the best local Blue Mountains providers, including Josophans’ chocolates, Whisk&Pin and iKou products

Workshop inclusions:

invitation to a wine-tasting evening with top sommelier, Jane Adams

optional early morning bird-watching, yoga and movement, use of kayaks, tennis court and boules

star-gazing with local astronomer Dr Dimitri Douchin (if weather permits)

group and one-on-one time with experienced faculty

MEAx journal and materials, and Carl Honore’s latest book Bolder – making the most of our longer lives

Space is limited. Only 12 participants. Register today.

42% early bird discount available until May 31- $8,390  $4,860

There is a 30% discount for a shared room. Please email us at

New dates to be announced soon

If you know it’s time for a major review of your life, this workshop will help you foster the mindset to create the steps needed to navigate those transitions. If you enjoy deep conversations and asking big questions, you’ll enjoy this experience.

As we contemplate living longer lives how do we keep things meaningful?

What transitions are you currently going through in your life?

What have been your greatest lessons since the pandemic began?

Are you as curious as you are wise?

Curious? If the answer is YES, sign up now.

In this 6-day residential workshop you will:

Connect and share stories with others in midlife

Take stock of your strengths, values, drivers and aspirations

Facilitate your ‘great midlife edit’ and shed what no longer serves you

Learn about liminality, the beginners mind, middlescence, appreciative inquiry, ikigai,

Foster the mindset to reimagine the second half of your adult life

Upon signing up, all workshop participants will receive a FREE gift: a copy of Carl Honoré’s book Bolder: Making the Most of our Longer Lives.

Who should attend?

If you fall into these categories, you should sign up:

If you know it’s time for a major review of your life

If you enjoy deep conversations and asking big questions

If you’re ready to face up to what you’ve been avoiding

If you are open to learning new skills and perspectives

During this interactive workshop you will:

Stay in residence at the picturesque and tranquil Dantosa retreat in the Blue Mountains

Participate in group and individual conversations with other participants to share your thoughts and deepen your understanding

Be guided by expert facilitators, onsite learning coaches and expert guests

Understand the traits and roles of a ‘modern elder’ and how they apply to you

Meet and enjoy the company of interesting dinner guests

Make choices to experiment with relevant tools or exercises

Soak up experiences, such as star gazing, bread making, bush walks, wine tasting, yoga, art and poetry

Who are we?

Tom Verghese is a consultant in cultural intelligence, with a personal and professional interest in the area of conscious aging. Tom is the founder of Cultural Synergies and works with clients to guide their culture, diversity and inclusion programs; he is the author of four books exploring cultural awareness and agility, including The Invisible Elephant. Tom is passionate about increasing cultural intelligence, global leadership and developing high functioning teams. He has over three decades of international experience and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Masters in Education. Tom is an MEA alumni and hosts the MEAx In Conversation series.

Gabriela Domicelj is a management consultant, who is passionate about innovative people management and midlife exploration. At Accenture she ran technology implementations for financial services clients and was part of the early definition and articulation of the field of change management. She has consulted on change management and employee engagement in 12 countries in Asia Pacific and led Aon’s Best Employers research program to collect best practice workforce management solutions across industries. Gabriela was also CEO of a film production company, creating motivational films to support recruitment, cultural change and retention programs. Gabriela is a Modern Elder Academy (MEA) alumni, consultant and lead for MEAx Australia.

Guest Faculty

Richard is a leadership coach and change navigator who is passionate about helping people find their purpose and perspective.  He has recently completed a Masters degree in Coaching Psychology and is the founder of Finding Your Why.

Richard Clarke

Learning Coach
Ang is a writer and a perpetually curious midlife explorer with a passion for storytelling. She uses her love of words to help make sense of the world.

Angela Galloway

Midlife Writer in
Paul is passionate about behaviour to money as the major link to financial wellbeing. He’s had 3 books published on the topic with his 2019 book, Spenditude, a best seller.

Paul Gordon

Money Mindset
Glen is a reformed corporate strategist who teaches entrepreneurship and leadership. He loves helping others use questions and new ways of thinking to solve problems.

Glen Wheatley

New Ways of

MEAx Experience

Sid is a health food expert and chef who runs a men’s shed where he teaches collaborative cooking.

Sid Stolk

Chef & Collaborative
Joanne is an academic librarian, with a passion and expertise in bird-watching in the Blue Mountains.

JoAnne Sparks

Librarian &
Bird Watcher
Dimitri is an astronomer who conducts star-gazing tours in the Blue Mountains.

Dimitri Douchin, PhD

Astronomer &
Star Gazer
Derek is a business leader and financial adviser with a passion for examining new global trends, including the sharing economy.

Derek Young

Dantosa Owner
Jane is a business and hospitality lecturer and consultant, with a deep knowledge of Australian wines.

Jane Adams

Wine Sommelier

Flourish in Midlife and Beyond Curriculum

Day 1

Getting Settled

Arriving early afternoon, you will settle into your tranquil retreat and meet your faculty and cohort.

Be inspired by the concept of modern elderhood and the opportunities ahead.

Day 2

Taking Stock

Share your life stories, values and current reality. Discuss liminality, uncertainty, rites of passage and how to embrace curiosity and a growth mindset. Develop listening and appreciative enquiry skills to support the conscious curation of your future story.

Day 3

Discovery to Dreaming

Consider the difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding and explore your current stresses. Discuss your attitudes to money and freedom. Be inspired to do something different and to learn something new. Envisage your best possible future self.

Day 4

Purpose and Reflection

Articulate and road test your real purpose. Learn creative story-telling techniques and design thinking to bring your purpose to life.

Connect with nature while you refine your story narrative.

Day 5

Designing the Future

Plan your way forward as a modern elder, make a personal commitment to living the next chapter of your unfolding life. Identify your intentions and the support from others that will help you make it happen. Share your stories with your cohort over dinner.

Day 6

Prepare to return

Revel in your unlived life and confirm the provisions you need to maximise your success in realising your aspirations. Agree how to stay accountable as a group, ahead of returning to your regular life.

The MEAx Experience

When you leave, you’ll:

Have a vision of your best possible future self

Understand the intersection of your motivation, opportunity, and ability

Be clearer on your true essence and purpose

Feel more optimistic about the next chapters of your life

Have built cherished relationships with other ‘modern elders’

Have made clear commitments to yourself to navigate your way forward in life

Learning Elements

Concerns stopping you from taking action:

I don’t have time to spend a week away on myself

You invest so much time in work, family, holidays, health; this is an opportunity to spend a few days away from your busy life to invest a small amount in yourself

The program is expensive

Compared with other long weekend retreats or conferences the price of MEAx workshops are very reasonable. In our pilot stage conducts our facilitators are volunteers and we are only covering costs.

I don’t want to talk to strangers about my life.

We provide a safe environment where you can talk about what you are comfortable with, we believe that wisdom is shared not taught.

So, what have you got to lose?

If you are curious to explore how you can reset and renew your focus for the next chapter in your life through connecting with other ‘modern elders’ to share and learn in the intimacy of small groups, then why wait any longer…

Don’t put this off a second longer… Take advantage of this workshop, at this never-to-be repeated discount. Invest in yourself and do the SMART thing: take advantage of this offer now. Just click the button below to secure your seat right now…

*Please note: All workshop participants must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

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