Knowing Your Mind & Heart = Superpower.

Knowing Your Own Mind & Heart Is Your Superpower.

Before passing, David Bowie suggested, “Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.” I would offer a corollary to that. Aging invites you into an intimate relationship with yourself such that you know who you are and what you want.

There was a recent UK Financial Times essay entitled “Knowing what you want is the ultimate life skill.” I love that. We spend so much of our first half of adulthood taste-testing the pu pu platter of life based upon conventional wisdom, community pressure, and family obligation. No wonder we make so many ill-guided decisions about love, work, family, and friends up through our 40s.

I’ll quote the Financial Times writer Janan Ganesh, “Knowing what you want is the ultimate life skill. It is worth more than talent or hard work. It is almost worth as much as luck. Have it, and disappointment is still probable, but on your own terms. Lack it, and you will be done to and acted upon.”

As I’ve said before, it’s ironic that just when we get comfortable in our skin, it starts to sag, which is today’s reminder that what’s truly valuable in life is what’s inside, not what’s outside, or in the words of Socrates, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” And, might I add, happiness.

Chip Conley

This article first appeared in Chip Conley’s Wisdom Well blog