Leaning into Liminality

MEAx Australia | Leaning into Liminality –  15th September 2021

In his book, Life Is in the Transitions – Master Change at Any Age, New York Times best selling author and Modern Elder Academy (MEA) guest faculty member, Bruce Feiler says:

“The messy middle is all about what happens when we’re in the state of in between. It involves a complicated alchemy of giving up old ways and experimenting with new ones, moving beyond what’s past and beginning to define what’s coming. In butterfly-speak, it’s cocooning; in hero-speak, it’s getting lost.”

Throughout life, we’re often hit by successive (and sometimes overlapping) ‘waves of transition’ across multiple areas of our lives, which can leave us feeling as though we’ve been knocked for six. Careers come to an end, relationships hit rocky ground, children leave the nest, parents require support, money worries arise and health concerns can raise their ugly head.

Transitioning through the messy middle or liminal phases of life requires a level of awareness and a skill set, which is not necessarily innate. Historically, we were expected to just ‘get on with it’ … which is often easier said than done. But help has finally arrived in the shape of the MEA, the world’s first midlife wisdom school, which has designed a unique online course to help navigate midlife’s most common transitions with confidence and a fresh perspective.

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It’s never too late to ….

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