Navigating Midlife Transitions?

An 8-week online course to navigate midlife’s most common transitions with confidence and a fresh perspective.

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This course is right for you if…

You’ve recently experienced a
Massive Shift” in your life.

We’ll help give you tools to create structure, identify direction and make space for internal processing time.

You’re ready to reframe the infamous
Midlife Crisis”.

Relationships, career, health, and purpose can all shift at once and be overwhelming. We transform a “crisis” into a “calling.”

You’re inspired to explore and
maximize your “Next Chapter”.

We’ll help you to reflect on your lifetime of experience to cultivate and harvest the wisdom you can share.

A groundbreaking online retreat…

What You’ll Receive

MEA Online

Course Highlights

Expert Guidance

Led by the 3 MEA co founders and Kari Henley, learn from the leading transition experts on aging, career, health, relationships.

New Life Coordinates

Reexamine the first half of your life and set new coordinates, with clarity and purpose to navigate the road ahead.

Digital Intimacy

Strategic model offers community building, unique immersion, amplified learning about aging and midlife transitions.

Transitional Intelligence

Using our proprietary 6P’s of midlife Transitions, explore the Anatomy of Midlife Transitions and expand your “TQ”.

Lifetime Access

We believe in long life learning and so will you after experiencing your MEA Online. This course is yours. Forever.

Blended Learning

Live events, 1:1 conversations, asynchronous process to achieve a balance of community learning and self-discovery.

4 live sessions 18+ hours of content
20 expert faculty

“MEA online exceeded my expectations! It not only gave me a new roadmap to help navigate transitions, but it connected me with a community of like-minded, curious modern elders.”

Ang Galloway, Writer – Sydney

MEAx in the media:
Interview with Christopher Zinn and Ang Galloway.


95% of surveyed graduates say that they are better equipped to
navigate midlife transitions after taking this course.

How many of these transitions resonate with you?

Yes, I relate to this

My space is changing

MEA Online will help you learn how to better understand where you are emotionally, intellectually and interpersonally during the challenges that transitions of place and space can bring. You’ll receive new tools, resources and insights to better manage an empty nest, divorce, caregiving, or moving and build a new community in the same place.

Yes, I relate to this

My body is changing

Midlife brings many different changes that can affect our health, mood, fitness, sensuality, and overall approach to aging. Do you have an inner ageist in you somewhere? This 8-week course will help you to approach your next chapter of life with confidence, curiosity and perspective to grow whole, not old.

Yes, I relate to this

My mind is changing

It is common to arrive at midlife stressed out, nervous or excited about the future and sometimes feel more than a bit stuck. This course will create the time for you to assess your current perspectives in life, adjust where you may have a “fixed mindset” and become inspired to adopt a new “growth mindset” about your life.

Yes, I relate to this

My profession is changing

Professional transitions often feel the most urgent of them all and, while packed with practical needs for resources or skills, there are also a host of emotional elements to be addressed. Whether you are ramping up or slowing down, MEA Online will help you build transitional intelligence (TQ), which is critical for future professional success.

Yes, I relate to this

My priorities are changing

The pandemic has continued to impact the globe and many have changed their sense of priorities. What matters most now and what about the ultimate transition of death? Throughout this course we’ll explore the topic of the pandemic, and “passing” as a paired transition that can offer profound insights, through poetry and resources.

Yes, I relate to this

My purpose is changing

It is rare when we give ourselves the time to truly reflect on our purpose. How has it changed? What matters most to me now? This course offers opportunities to understand your core values and strengths, as well as practical tools to uncover your purpose or embrace the one you have.

Course Overview

Managing relationships, career, finances and health at midlife can be challenging. It can also become the best time of your life. Let’s disrupt the midlife crisis into a midlife calling.

MEA Online offers experiential learning, growth, and connection with insightful tools to shift your mindset and create more resilience and adaptability. Explore the most common transitions in midlife and create a roadmap to redefine your next phase of life. 97% of MEA Online’s students have said that this 8-week course has helped them become better prepared to welcome real, meaningful change into their life.

Center, learn, reflect and connect with our core faculty, 10+ guest experts and a small cohort of like-minded travelers. Enjoy authentic conversations weekly that cultivate new friendships and build community. Our unique blend of high energy live events, weekly videos, community conversations and reflection tools truly feels like an immersion retreat grounded in a highly effective framework and experiences that will leave you feeling more peaceful, connected, optimistic, and inspired. If reexamining the first half of your life and setting new coordinates to navigate the road ahead sounds appealing, then you’ll deeply appreciate the personal and professional development you will get out of MEA Online.

  • Week 1

    • Intro

      Meet your community, discover the 6 P’s of Midlife Transitions and what it means to become a Modern Elder.

  • Week 2

    • Personal

      Explore your transitions at this time: in relationships, career, health. Learn key mindset management tools.

  • Week 3

    • Physical

      Understand how changes in our bodies, hormones, drives, and sensuality affect our self-image and presence.

  • Week 4

    • Psychological

      Looking at our emotions — from anxiety to depression — we cultivate the mastery of feelings in transition.

  • Week 5

    • Pandemic

      We’ve all been touched by this global event and will review why EQ is never more important than in midlife.

  • Week 6

    • Professional

      From career loss to seeking bliss, midlife prompts reinvention. A new view of work, money, and mentorship.

  • Week 7

    • Purpose

      Your (divine) direction, Ikigai (convergence of one’s passions, beliefs, values, vocation) for meaning and a sense of awe.

  • Week 8

    • Closing

      Graduation! Come together, integrate your experiences, make new commitments, and get ready for what’s next!

Join 1000+ MEA Alumni from 20+ Countries.

I’m not alone on the journey into elderhood.

Part of me likes to think that I’ve been searching for answers to life since I was at least 30 years old. Truth is that I had no idea what I was seeking. Thankfully now as I am reaching 60, I have connected with a group of like minded individuals that allow me to feel safe knowing that I’m not alone on the journey into elderhood.

Si Fu Gawain Siu
Tai Chi and Kung Fu principal and master – Perth
MEA started as an affirmation of my midlife Gap Year.

MEA started as an affirmation of my midlife Gap Year. Then quickly evolved into a discovery of unlimited possibilities for my future. Along the way I gained a deep appreciation for the messy middle, where I now wallow. Happy as…

Julia Monk
She/her/hers Previously Important Person, Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect | Interior Designer - Hong Kong
MEA Online was the timely opportunity I was seeking to focus on just “Me”.

MEA Online was the timely opportunity I was seeking to focus on just “Me”. After a lifetime of helping people both personally and professionally, MEA created the space and inspiration to help me immerse myself in my own next life transition.

Penny Wood
Adult development, embodied leadership, coach, facilitator, thinking partner - Auckland
“I hope each of you have the opportunity to experience this online course.”

I hope each of you have the opportunity to experience the online course. It’s content and information for midlifers was truly a remarkable experience to go through.

Eddie Dobbins
Dream Coach
“This course has literally transformed my life!”

This course has literally transformed my life. It helped me decide to take the steps to learn how to be an entrepreneur and how to build my confidence to take these next steps.

Debbie Hesse
Non-Profit CEO, Entrepreneur
“We got so close that we feel like we’ve known each other for years.”

Started out as a slow crescendo that ended in an explosion of fabulousness! We got so close that we feel like we’ve known each other for years.

Cindie Adams
Social Advocate, Adventure Seeker
“My biggest takeaway was the confidence”

My biggest takeaway was the confidence and permission to move forward without any pressure of timeline or having figured it all out well.

Michael MacNair

Loving the content and the capacity to fit it in around my schedule in my own time

Natasha Ginnivan
Postdoctoral Fellow UNSW, Australia
“For anyone wanting live a richer life as they age!”

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants a road map and a community they can call upon, to navigate through their own transitions, and live a richer life as they age.

Upkar Arora
CEO Rally

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