Your Mosaic of Experience & Attitude

Re-creating Your Mosaic of Experience and Attitude (MEA)

The three-minute video of a guest speaker at Stanford University was meant to give my students a short introduction to a synthesis of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset with the concept of Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

But it took me on an unexpected trajectory through California, Mexico, and back to Australia, all because of an email I wrote to the guy in the video, Chip Conley.

What was in that email? Something along the lines of “I like what you are doing with the Modern Elder Academy and would like to head in a similar direction, so how about exploring if we can work together?”.

This rather forward approach didn’t follow what I learned in the corporate world, namely drawing up the grand plans, securing the necessary capital, and only then hiring the right people to proceed with building the venture.

Old corporate habits die hard, but if I was telling my students that according to the work by Saras Sarasvathy, really successful entrepreneurs don’t waste time on grand plans, but rather focus on taking action by co-creating with others, I should, too.

Back to the email: Chip introduced me to others heading in a similar direction and seeking to co-create. In a series of conversations, everyone shared their diverse and colourful collection of mosaic stones they had collected over years of experience – their available means.

Laying our mosaic stones out in front of us, patterns emerged, ideas evolved, and we started moving forward as a group, experimenting. In what direction? Helping people in mid-life consciously pick-and-choose the mosaic stones they want to use to build their next chapter.

And help them feel comfortable outside their comfort zone, experimenting with possibilities for the future. It is about adopting a Growth Mindset and confidently curating the inevitable transitions that life brings (such as retirement, empty nest, illness, downsizing, etc.).

You will have noticed the overlapping stories of applying Sarasvathy’s effectual logic – not just to co-create in a project, but also in taking the monolithic picture of our life experience and re-arranging the mosaic stones in new ways, co-creating with others to give the next chapter of life more purpose.

So after thoroughly enjoying the co-creation process with my fellow Modern Elders, we have opened our virtual doors to MEAx Australia to help people to navigate midlife transitions and find renewed purpose.

Next up on the calendar is our dynamic hybrid online/live course “Navigating Online Transitions”, which for quick-movers is available at special pricing.

Who would have thought a three-minute video would introduce me to a fantastic group of co-creators seeking to unlock human potential in the second half of life?


Glen is an educator in entrepreneurship, leadership and corporate social responsibility, tapping into more than 35 years of international business experience. He is also a creative and communicative problem solver and founder of the boutique strategy advisory firm Best Solutions International.