Rediscover Your Wisdom

MEAx Australia | Rediscover Your Wisdom | 8th September 2021

Welcome to the very first edition of MEAx News!

The Modern Elder Academy is the world’s first midlife wisdom school, dedicated to inspiring and empowering people in midlife and beyond and disrupting society’s out-dated attitudes towards aging. It’s a new concept… but we love that you’re curious!

A midlife wisdom school is probably something you haven’t considered before, but it really makes so much sense. In the last century, global life expectancy has increased by more than thirty years. Today, at age 50 we’re only halfway through our adult lives and yet as a society, we’re still being held back by the antiquated belief that the best is behind us. We like to think of MEAx as a mid-life pit stop where you can reflect, reframe, reset and consciously curate the second half of your life.

MEAx workshops, like our 8-week online course Navigating Midlife Transitions (starting on Oct 3), are designed to help people to reframe their mindset on aging and adopt an “it’s never too late” approach to life, an approach that the team at MEAx really do embody. Between us we’ve launched new businesses, written books, learnt languages, embarked on solo gap years and even taken up surfing …. all in the second half of our lives, when tradition may have expected us to be winding down not up! We’re a diverse group, but what we do have in common is a passion for sharing wisdom and creating a life that is as meaningful as it is long. And it’s this shared passion that motivated us to launch the Modern Elder Academy (MEAx) in the Asia Pacific region.

If any of this has piqued your interest then please join us for a free 1-hour Connex information session where you will learn more about MEAx and get a taste of what to expect from our workshops.

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