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Tapping into the Talent of (the right) Over 50s

Join Dr Tom Verghese, expert in diversity and inclusion, and Gabriela Domicelj, consultant in best practice people management, to learn what motivates older workers and how to engage with modern elders, older and wiser individuals who add real value in the workplace.

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We’ve all heard of the great resignation, a global trend in employee exodus from formal employment. So how do we address the shortage in our organisations? Perhaps the answer is staring us in the face.

The elephant in the room. Older, potentially retired, employees, who just might be delighted to re-engage, but on their own terms.

Are you struggling to find talent for your organisation? Ready to consider the over 50s to solve your talent shortage?

Finding it difficult to retain your key employees?

Need ideas on how to attract value-adding individuals for your organisation?

Want to hear how some organisations have introduced flexible work practices to improve their employee engagement?

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New date to be announced soon

You will:

Hear about modern elders, as curious and willing to learn, as they are wise, who can add true value to any organisation

Learn how to identify and attract the right Over 50s workers

Share stories of how best to engage and retain modern elders in the workplace and develop your own plan, with realistic and measurable actions for your organisation..

Upon signing up, all workshop participants will receive a FREE gift: the first Chapter from Chip Conley’s book Wisdom@Work:The Making of a Modern Elder

Who should attend?

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A people manager, struggling to find talent today?

A Human Resources professional interested in best practice?

Responsible for creating an inclusive culture in your organisation?

Curious about how other leaders embrace age diversity?

Genuinely interested in driving business excellence through intergenerational teams?

Who are we?

Dr Tom Verghese and Gabriela Domicelj are proud to have over 60 years of people management experience between them. They’ve worked together for a couple of years, but only recently met in person and realised that their complementary skills and experiences bring a unique perspective to what it means to tap into the talent of elders in the workplace.

Tom is a consultant in cultural intelligence, with a personal and professional interest in the area of conscious aging. Tom is the founder of Cultural Synergies and works with clients to guide their culture, diversity and inclusion programs; he is the author of four books exploring cultural awareness and agility, including The Invisible Elephant. Tom is passionate about increasing cultural intelligence, global leadership and developing high functioning teams. He has over three decades of international experience and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Masters in Education. Tom is an MEA alumni and hosts the MEAx In Conversation series.

Gabriela is a management consultant, who is passionate about innovative people management and midlife exploration. At Accenture she ran technology implementations for financial services clients and was part of the early definition and articulation of the field of change management. She has consulted on change management and employee engagement in 12 countries in Asia Pacific and led Aon’s Best Employers research program to collect best practice workforce management solutions across industries. Gabriela was also CEO of a film production company, creating motivational films to support recruitment, cultural change and retention programs. Gabriela is a Modern Elder Academy (MEA) alumni, consultant and lead for MEAx Australia.

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During this interactive workshop you will:

Learn about the concept of modern elders

Hear about age discrimination in Australia today and what older Australians are searching for when it comes to employment

Learn how to identify and attract the right Over 50s workers

Share stories of how best to engage and retain modern elders in the workplace

When you leave, you’ll:

Understand the benefits of including modern elders in your organisation

Be inspired in how to attract, engage and retain the right Over 50s

Feel motivated to experiment with new ways of engaging Over 50s in your workplace

Concerns stopping you from taking action:

Over 50s don’t have a place in my organisation or industry.

Most leaders who do not believe that Over 50 are relevant for their organisation are stuck on the notion that older people are not creative, they don’t understand technology and they can’t learn anything new. These generalisations are myths that can be debunked. As Carl Honore said in his 2019 TED: “Human beings can be immensely creative at any age. And some forms of creativity actually depend on two things that only ageing can confer: time and experience.

That’s why human history is studded with examples of people doing triumphally creative work in later life. From Michelangelo to Matisse, Beethoven to Bahr. Today, physicist John Goodenough is helping reinvent rechargeable batteries in his 90s. Writer Maya Angelo hit the nail on the head when she said you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

It’s too hard to work with Over 50s and anyway, they just take the jobs from younger workers.

Social skills usually improve as we age, so in fact Over 50s are often a stabilising force in the workplace. Over 50s are strong at making connections and seeing the bigger picture, which is very important in problem-solving. Today, there are low unemployment rates, so the idea that older workers are taking away jobs of younger workers is unfounded.

Interestingly, successful start-ups are predominantly those started by older entrepreneurs. A team of economists in the United States recently found that of the top 0.1% tech companies (with fastest growth in employment and sales), the average age of the company’s founder was 45.

Over 50s are merely focused on their retirement plans.

Based on the Wisdom Survey conducted in Australia in February 2022, 30% of Over 50s feel under-employed. And they are questioning the traditional models for retirement – for many reasons, including longevity with good health and the need to work for financial reasons. What was resoundingly clear in this research is that Over 50s desire to be intellectually engaged; playing golf and minding the grandkids just aren’t enough anymore.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently found that mature-age people are 5 times more likely to stay in their jobs and require less supervision than younger workers. This saves the employer recruitment and managerial costs.

So, what have you got to lose?

If you have been considering how to find new talent for your organisation, people who will be loyal and not leave at a moment’s notice, people who are worth investing in, you should consider attending this interactive workshop. We are inviting you to lean in, to step up and take action. Don’t put this off a second longer…

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