The healing power of your life stories

The healing power of your life stories

“We live by stories. It’s the principle by which we organise our experiences and thus derive our sense of who we are. ” – Tobias Wolf

Are you curious to discover the benefits of capturing your life stories? Harvard has reported the health benefits of writing your life stories

Your story is your most powerful form of connection. As a ‘Lifestorian’, my work is dedicated to helping people capture their life stories and showcasing the benefits of sharing stories, across all ages in community. It was in 2020 at MEA that my ‘Why’ unfolded like a perfect origami – I had a ‘Baja A-ha’ – my call to service was clear. 

Intergenerational wisdom sharing is important to build new bridges of empathy, understanding and connections across all ages in our community.

I teach people the power of their life stories through reflection and connection – and the bonus is the health benefits you experience through life story work. 

Stories connect us. Storytelling is an inherently social practice, one that fosters intimacy and connection with others. We used to gather around the campfire and share our life stories. 

Not one for generational stereotypes, I am a dedicated driver of age equality. My life’s work is to help all ages use reflecting writing and life storytelling for better individual and community health. I help people connect through their life stories – as storytelling is an inherently social practice, and one that fosters intimacy and connection with others. 

The BBC reported that the way we tell our life stories shapes our personality. And Harvard shows us the power of our stories to connect us. Life Story work is based on the fascinating field of  narrative psychology ‘the stories we tell about ourselves are key to our well being’

Our communities are vibrant and diverse – with all ages. In the era of social isolation, human connection is a fundamental need and our life stories can create new bridges for connection across all generations.  No matter your age, we all have stories to capture or share. Your life stories can be catalysts for connection.


About Nim de Swardt: 

Nim de Swardt is a ‘lifestorian’ as founder of ‘the WIN|WIN’. She is deeply passionate about intergenerational wisdom sharing and on a mission to build bridges of empathy, understanding and connection across the ages through the power of life storytelling. A lifelong explorer of the human condition, Nim has spent over 10 years travelling to 60+ countries capturing modern elder wisdom. You can follow the journey on Instagram and through her website or her business ‘the WIN|WIN’.