What’s Your Story?

MEAx Australia | What’s Your Story? | 12th March 2022

We all tell stories to explain why we are the way we are. Stories are the ligatures that connect the past to the future and give meaning to the present. They provide a framework that helps us to make sense of ourselves and our reality and to bridge connections with others. They help us to understand where we’ve come from, give meaning to who we are and offer clues about who we might still become.

But sometimes we can hold on to and inhabit old stories, to the point that we become stuck in the past … trapped in an old narrative that no longer serves us and holds us back from writing new chapters… from developing the plotline of our own lives. The stories we tell ourselves can make us or break us. Our stories matter.

Our inherent identity – made up of all the qualities, beliefs and traits that make us who we are – is integral to our personal story… but it isn’t fixed. It can change over time.

We may not always be in control of how life unfolds but we have agency around how we structure and interpret it. The stories we tell ourselves have the potential to liberate us from self-defeating memories and pre-determined thinking. They can help us to move from repetition of old patterns, to open up new pathways and craft new beliefs about who we can be.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own stories and convince ourselves that “we can’t” or “we’re too old”…. and all this chatter becomes part of the story. But what if … what you thought was the last chapter is just the start of the sequel?

“Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.”

― Susan Statham

Stay curious,
The MEAx Team

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