Workshop Faculty

The MEAx workshops will be conducted by a core team of experienced faculty, all MEA alumni, as well as guest faculty to provide specific expertise. Locals will enhance the MEAx experience and dinner guests will be invited during the 6-day workshops.

More detail about each faculty member is shown below. Click on the photos to read about them and to see their LinkedIn profiles.

Core Faculty

Tom is a consultant in cultural intelligence and an experienced facilitator, with a personal and professional interest in the area of conscious aging.

Tom Vergese

Gabriela is a management consultant, business leader and experienced facilitator, who is passionate about midlife exploration and making aging aspirational.

Gabriela Domicelj

Richard is a leadership coach, change navigator and business leader who is passionate about helping people in finding their “why.”

Richard Clarke

Learning Coach
Ang is a writer and a perpetually curious midlife explorer with a passion for storytelling. She uses her love of words to help make sense of the world.

Ang Galloway

Midlife Writer in

Guest Faculty

Paul is passionate about behaviour to money as the major link to financial wellbeing. He’s had 3 books published on the topic with his 2019 book, Spenditude, a best seller.

Paul Gordon

Money Mindset
Nim is a social entrepreneur and strategic advisor with a passion for fostering intergenerational connection.

Nim de Swardt

Glen is a reformed corporate strategist who teaches entrepreneurship and leadership. He loves helping others use questions and new ways of thinking to solve problems.

Glen Wheatley

New Ways of
Sarah is a digital content producer and a trainer with a background in film-making and inclusive storytelling.

Sarah Burrell-Davis

Film Producer
& Storyteller

MEAx Experience

Emily is a food, drinks & hospitality culture consultant with a passion for creating memorable experiences.

Emily Wheldon

Innovative Food &
Drinks Marketer
Sid is a health food expert and chef who runs a men’s shed where he teaches collaborative cooking.

Sid Stolk

Chef & Collaborative
Joanne is an academic librarian, with a passion and expertise in bird-watching in the Blue Mountains.

JoAnne Sparks

Librarian &
Bird Watcher
Dimitri is an astronomer who conducts star-gazing tours in the Blue Mountains.

Dimitri Douchin, PhD

Astronomer &
Star Gazer
Derek is a business leader and financial adviser with a passion for examining new global trends, including the sharing economy.

Derek Young

Dantosa Owner
Jane is a business and hospitality lecturer and consultant, with a deep knowledge of Australian wines.

Jane Adams

Wine Sommelier

Dinner Guests

Mark is the Mayor of the Blue Mountains and is an advocate for preserving the local natural beauty for future generations.

Mark Greenhill

Mayor of Blue
Tash is an academic who researches psychology and aging, and blogs about aging and transformation stories.

Natasha Ginnivan

Age Activist
Scott is a Blue Mountains artist and graphic designer, whose works utilise recycled timbers from rural properties around Australia.

Scott Baker

Assemblage Artist
Catherine is an award-winning documentary director, passionate about telling the stories of Australian artists, architects and writers.

Catherine Hunter