Come to an interactive 2-hour online workshop to find a framework to explore your own life story.

Your Hero’s Journey

Join Callan McDonnell, an expert in narrative therapy and an MEA alumni, to learn how the stories you tell about your past identities inform who you are now and who you might become.

“Callan has a rare gift of using the power of your personal narrative to elevate you into a greater version of yourself. He quickly shifted perspectives for me – both in business and in life.”

Nim de Swardt

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Using the Hero’s Journey framework, make meaning around the defining moments of your life.

Unlock your personal stories to support your future growth.

Are you ready to be the protagonist of your own narrative?

Do you want to move from victim to victor?

Is it time to challenge some of your life scripts?

Are you ready to view your past stories through a new lens?

Curious? If the answer is YES, sign up now. Select the time that’s best for you.

Using the Hero’s Journey as a framework, you will:

learn how to step into a heroic role for the next chapter of your life story.

discover how to identify and examine the cadence of life’s experiences.

uncover opportunities within transformation.

Upon signing up, all workshop participants will receive a FREE gift: a Chapter from Callan McDonnell’s book The Anthology of Living, on finding meaning in what we do with our lives.

Who should attend?

If you fall into these categories, you should sign up:

inspired to celebrate where you’ve come from and ready to re-imagine the next iteration of your personal identity?

ready to let go of stories that are keeping you stuck?

wanting to identify where on the journey you sit today and how to communicate that to others.

bored by your old identities, ready to write a new story for yourself?

ready to think new and exciting thoughts about the future chapters of your life.

Who are we?

Callan McDonnell is a narrative therapist and organisational effectiveness consultant. His research focuses on the transitional wisdom we have at our disposal to support, as we navigate periods of change and transformation in our lives, work, and relationships. His book, The Anthology of Living explores the role stories play in the construction of our identities and how we build meaning for our lives.

Masters Degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work, Psychology and Social Work

Post-graduate Degree in English (Honours) and Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and English

Accredited Leadership Circle Profile Tool

NLP Coach and Practitioner

Support Faculty

Callan met other curious modern elders through attending the MEA course Navigating Midlife Transitions, for whom the power of story-telling has played a role in their professional lives:

Richard is a leadership coach and change navigator who is passionate about helping people find their purpose and perspective. Richard has over 20 years of experience in change management and corporate training; he recently completed a Masters degree in Coaching Psychology and is the founder of Finding Your Why.

Richard Clarke

Ang is a writer and a perpetually curious midlife explorer with a passion for storytelling. She uses her love of words to help make sense of the world.

Angela Galloway

Gabriela is a management consultant, business leader and experienced facilitator, who is passionate about midlife exploration and making aging aspirational.

Gabriela Domicelj


Testimonials for Callan

“Just a quick note to let you know that your workshop last week was one of the best I have been to in a very long time (maybe ever…). You made a real impact on me and I believe everyone else in our team, but it was such a great reminder and I have really found myself stopping and thinking before I speak, judge and act.”

Team Leader, Corporate Client

“I’ve just read the letter you prepared (from our session) and I’m blown away by how accurately you’ve captured every detail. In all my years seeing physiologists, I have never felt so ‘heard’.”

JS, therapeutic practice client

During this interactive workshop you will:

see how the heroic journey metaphor plays out continuously in our life stories.

identify some of the defining moments of your life.

learn how to map your life experiences to the heroic journey.

When you leave, you’ll:

appreciate that everyone is on their own hero’s journey.

have a greater awareness of life’s less useful scripts that can entrap you.

recognise patterns within your own life and that of others.

understand the enrichment that transformation brings to our lives.

Concerns stopping you from taking action:

My personal stories are uninteresting; they feel boring.

The stories from our past need not define our future. We all tend to be critical of our own stories and repeat a few in our heads. In this workshop you will learn to embrace a multi-storied life and how to restitch your narrative or story in a new way that will feel far from boring.

I’m shy about sharing my story in front of strangers.

You can share as much or as little as you like in this workshop. Breakout groups can be a really useful way to gain insights into your own situation and uncover new ways to excavate your story. But there is no pressure to share more than you are comfortable with.

Certain things just happen in life from which we can derive no meaning

The trap of replaying negative stories about ourselves is an easy one to fall in to. In this workshop you will learn how to positively reframe life experiences and overlay them with meaning.

So, what have you got to lose?

If you are curious about how to move beyond self-limiting stories that are holding you back, then you should consider attending this interactive workshop. We are inviting you to lean in, to step up and take action. Don’t put this off a second longer…

Take advantage of this workshop, at this never-to-be repeated 50% discount. Invest in yourself and do the SMART thing: take advantage of this offer now. Just click the button below to secure your seat right now….