MEAx Circle March 1, 2023 start date


12-months online group coaching 

Use appreciative inquiry and peer support to help you move forward with your current life challenges

Facilitated by Richard Clarke, leadership coach, change navigator and expert in appreciative enquiry.

Space is limited to a maximum of 10 people per cohort. There will be 14 sessions over 12 months.

Appreciative Inquiry is a positive psychology technique that recognises the best in people and poses questions to generate new possibilities and potential ways forward.

  • You will meet regularly via zoom with other modern elders to explore your own issues and support others to find their solutions.
  • You will learn and apply techniques including active listening and open questions.

About MEAx Circle

The initial sessions will be facilitated by Richard Clarke a leadership coach and curriculum lead at MEAx. 
  • Over time as the group gets skilled at the techniques you will become self-organising.
  • The program runs for 12 months with sessions every 2-4 weeks offering each participant multiple opportunities to participate as the inquirer and the inquiree.
  • In the first 2 months there are sessions every 2 weeks, in the following 10 months there are sessions every 4 weeks or as agreed by the group.
  • The first 6 sessions are facilitated and after that the group becomes skilled enough to self-manage.
  • Group 1 (commencing on Dec 1) will meets on Thursday mornings at 9am starting on 1st December 2022.
  • Group 2 (commencing on March 1) will meet on Wednesdays at 1pm starting on 1st March 2023.

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