MEAx Australia team

in midlife and beyond

Inspiring and empowering people

MEAx Australia team

in midlife and beyond

Inspiring and empowering people

Welcome to a school dedicated to helping people navigate midlife and beyond.

Modern Elder Academy (MEA), the world’s first
midlife wisdom school, is coming to Australia – as MEAx.

MEAx Australia is the first MEA experience outside North America.

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What comes next?

Reimagine the second half of your adult life.

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Are you stuck?

Navigate your midlife transitions successfully.

The MEAx Experience

Looking for a change?

Improve career, health and relationships.

We’re on a mission to reframe midlife
from a crisis to a calling.

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MEAx Australia Connex sessions


Learn more about MEAx and get a taste of what to expect from our workshops at a short introductory session online or in person.


Take a deep dive. Explore and reimagine your next chapter at one of our residential workshops, held at Dantosa Blue Mountains Retreat.

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Flourish in Midlife and Beyond MEAx Australia

6-Day Residential Workshop


Flourish in midlife and beyond.

The Big Reset 3 day workshop

3-Day Residential Workshop


Recalibrate with a midlife reset.

8-Week Online Workshop


Navigate midlife transitions.

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Dantosa Blue Mountains Retreat
Dantosa Blue Mountains Retreat

Here’s what some of our
APAC alumni have to say…

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    Julia Monk

    MEA started as an affirmation of my midlife Gap Year. Then quickly evolved into a discovery of unlimited possibilities for my future. Along the way I gained a deep appreciation for the messy middle, where I now wallow. Happy as…

    She/her/hers Previously Important Person, Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect | Interior Designer
    Hong Kong
    Michelle Myers

    I took myself to MEA to mark my 60th birthday and had many Aha moments while in Baja! While other friends were not keen to celebrate similar milestone birthdays, so many great ideas and great connections at MEA left me feeling beyond excited for my third trimester! Two years later, I still value weekly calls with my MEA cohort.

    PR consultant and Inveterate Explorer
    Dr Mike Rungie MEAX Australia

    So your mid-life went alright, but you’re torn between cruising or maximising the next stage, and how you might do that. MEA joins your ups with like-minded souls and guides you to thrive in this gooey stage while tweaking your mind-set to one that opens doors to far way more than what the world had in mind for you as a ‘retired’ person.

    Global Centre for Modern Ageing
    Penny Wood

    MEA Online was the timely opportunity I was seeking to focus on just “Me”. After a lifetime of helping people both personally and professionally, MEA created the space and inspiration to help me immerse myself in my own next life transition.

    Adult development, embodied leadership, coach, facilitator, thinking partner